Soft Serve ice Cream Makers – Popular Brands

If you want to make ice cream at home, then you'll find that there are dozens of soft serve ice cream makers you could choose from.

It's a bewildering selection, so to help you narrow that huge list down, we've done the research for you and identified some of the most popular (and reliable) brands, thus saving you time.

Let's start with a name that practically everybody will already know…


Cuisinart ICE-21Cuisinart has been a household name for decades now, so it's not surprising that they offer a wide range of ice cream makers.

Their main range is know as Cuisinart ICE, and they have half a dozen models or more.

The most popular is the ICE-21, which not only makes ice cream but frozen yogurt and sorbet too.

This model is also available in red (ICE-21R), but this can be hard to get hold of as it's very popular.

You can expect to pay $45 to $50 for this model on websites such as

If you're looking for the best value package, then we recommend their Cuisinart ICE-45 package, which includes their ICE-45 ice cream maker and an additional freezer bowl.

Check out the full range of Cuisinart ice cream makers.

Lello Musso

Lello Musso Pola 5030 Desert MakerThis next brand may not be one you've heard of yet, but it is indeed one of the more popular ones.

There are four models in the range, all of which are designed in Italy, with the most popular also being, surprisingly, their most expensive: the Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker.

This model is professional-quality (it's made of stainless steel throughout), and can make up to six quarts of ice cream per hour.

Their other models (e.g. the 4070, 4080 and 4090) also get good ratings, but they simply aren't as popular as their top-of-the-range 5030.


Whynter SNO Ice Cream MakerYou should be familiar with Cuisinart, and you may have heard of Lello Musso, but the Wynyter SNO Ice Cream Maker may not one you've come across before.

Well, let us tell you that this is a hidden gem among home-made ice cream makers.

It's basically the same as the Lello 4090, but is substantially cheaper.

While we would love to do a full and detailed review of all of the soft serve ice cream makers we feature on this site, we simply don't have the resources to do so, but this machine is the one we bought for ourselves - because it offered the best range of features for the price.


SaniServ 20 Quart Ice Cream MakerFinally, we're going to give a brief mention to the SaniServ brand, which will be unfamiliar to most people as it's aimed at the commercial market, but we include them here in case any of our readers are looking for a great machine for their store - or are even thinking of setting up in business for themselves.

These are all floor-standing models and make ice cream and frozen yogurt, with one also having a built-in milk shake machine too.

Be aware though - the word "commercial" means you can add at least one zero to the end of the price!

Other Brands

You will notice that other, well-known brands (e.g. Aroma, Deni, Hamilton Beach, Rival) are missing from the above list, and that's because they don't typically get great reviews.

However, if you check out the full range of soft serve ice cream makers that we feature on this site, you will find those, and other brands, listed.

Having said that, we would strongly recommend that you stick with the models detailed above - they are the most popular ones, and they are also the ones that get the best reviews.

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